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Reading just 20 minutes a day provides your child with comfort and bonding time, creates good habits, and builds a love of books and a great vocabulary - all very important for future learning!

1,000 Books sounds like a lot, but by reading just one book per day, you will reach the 1,000 book goal in just under three years. If a child hears three books at bedtime every night, you will meet your goal within on year!

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Thea Stilton and the Legend of the Fire Flowers
by Thea Stilton

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It's pretty good. I liked that it took place in Hawaii. It is easier to read for me, so 4 stars, not 5.

The Great Alone
by Kristen Hannah

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This book blew me away! I couldn’t put it down. The prose is literary and the character development is second to none. Topics explored include domestic violence, loss, change and friendship. Mostly it was about the enduring love that those of us who are lucky find. Don’t miss this book.

The Recipe For Revolution By Carolyn Chute
by Carolyn Chute

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This book is set in Maine and expounds on living off the grid, community sustainability and dislike for corporate America. Different perspectives are given by the main character, his wives, children and extended family and friends.

The Teens Guide To Social Media And Mobile Devices
by Jonathan McKee

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This book talk about a lot of does and do nots when it comes to social media and technology. The mean take away that I got is that there are a lot of things that teens do on social media because they have a mind set of no one will see it or it’s not that bad. But In reality there are so many things that can go wrong by pressing the post button or send button. Lastly we should all be aware of each other and what we are doing.

A Veil Removed By Michelle Cox
by Michelle Cox Henrietta And Inspector Howard Series

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This is the fourth book in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series. You do have to read them in order by the way. This book further developed the main characters and introduced a few new ones. I love the 1930’s setting in Chicago. You almost feel like you are there. I recommend this series.

Nancy Wake Biography
by Peter Fitzsimons

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Very interesting biography of someone who risked her life to work with the French Resistance during WWII. Born in New Zealand, the book covers her early life through the war and immediately following then highlights her life after until her death in 2011. Nancy Wake, probably one of the most decorated civilians of WWII is definitely one of its unsung heroes.

Adequate Yearly Progress
by Roxanna Elden

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This book was similar to the everyday challenges most teachers have to face. There is a constant change from what administration expects from teachers with a mix of personal lives, this book could tell the story of one of your colleagues. Cleverly told with some laugh out loud and heart wrenching moments.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
by Suzanne Collins

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Definitely not as compelling as the trilogy, but I did like how it showed Snow's transformation from a boy to the man we know he becomes. Sometimes the pacing felt off and seeing the hunger games through a lens of a watcher was boring. I did like how everything wrapped up in the end.

Bob Books
by Bob Books

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Working on site and words

The Secrets Of Love Story Bridge By Phaedra Patrick
by Phaedra Patrick

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I really enjoyed this book. It is light, easy reading. The characters are well drawn. Although I like happy endings, the author tied up all the threads together as expected without any surprises.